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madurai mani iyer - Kaa Vaa Vaa. Part Two. (Papanasam Sivan)

One of the earliest recordings I could manage to get of Prince Rama Varma singing Kaa Vaa Vaa (Muruga Vaa Vaa) in Raga Varali by Papanasam Sivan, popularized by Madurai Mani Iyer. This was sung in the presence of Varma ji's guru, Vechoor Shri Hariharasubramania Iyer. Prince Varma is accompanied by Parur MASundaresan on the violin, R.Vaidyanathan on the mridangam and Udipi Sridhar on the Ghatam. I find that over the years Varma ji's music has become purer and sweeter and less acrobatic, the swarams in Thisram here being something he doesn't seem to do much these days as far as I know.
Madurai Mani Iyer
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